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Monday, 17th December 2018

8 College Apps That Will Make Your Life Better

Posted on 14. Oct, 2015 by in General

8 College Apps That Will Make Your Life Better

Some professors drop the most destructive bombs when you least expect it.
“Have a nice holiday! Oh, and we have an exam worth 60% of your grade the day you get back.”

This list should be of assistance.


1- istudiez


Heads up, Apple users – or in this case, heads down – this study app will basically put   your academic life in order. This app has a lot of features and many views so that you    can know your short term and long term deadlines and important dates. (By important dates, I mean holiday dates, not anything else) You can also sync everything to the rest of your device and link everything to Google Calendar. Also, there’s a GPA calculator which you can use to estimate or calculate your grades. Overall, this app will keep you alert and with everything that’s happening.

P.S. There’s a new version available for Windows but it’s originally an Apple app.



2- Google Drive

We spoke of Google Drive in our previous article about AUC emails, so having the app on your phone is basically like having Office everywhere on the go. You can edit and share docs and spreadsheets and even create presentations on the bus on the way to campus. It saves time and effort of carrying your laptop or having to sit somewhere with a computer.


3- StudiousStudious-splash

We all know that professor who is very tempted to kick students out of class if their  phone ever rings. So, to overcome the issue and to ensure that your phone will always    be silent during classes, input your class times and durations on the Studious app, and it will automatically do the job for you. The app also notifies you before deadlines and test dates as a complementary feature.


4- Sleep If You Can

maxresdefaultThis is a very annoying app, but it fits its purpose. When you’ve slept at 3:00 AM it’s virtually impossible to wake back up at 7:00 AM for an 8:30 AM class. There are 3 modes to this app.
The Photo Mode only shuts off the alarm if you take a photo of an item in the registered items database. So when you’re registering a place after installing the app, make sure the place is not too close to your bed. (hint, bathroom sink)
The Shake Mode turns off the alarm when you shake your phone.
The Math Problem Mode, for you math whizzes out there, only silences the alarm after you’ve solved the math problem.


5- Coach.melogo-730x251
Often, you’re too preoccupied with studies that you forget your own personal goals and other things you want to accomplish in your life. This app allows you to set a goal and self coach yourself into achieving it through daily reminders, how-tos and tasks. You’ll track your progress and get rewards with each milestone. Also, the app offers the ability to interact with people who have similar goals and even have your own coach. Maybe you want to learn to become more productive or to get fit; in all cases this app will give you a great push.



6- Babylon

This app is very helpful. It translates words and phrases into so many languages and it’s very easy to use. All you need to do is to select the word or phrase and copy it, then drag the notification area down and you will see its translation. You can also work offline so it’s very good for when you’re on the go.


TED-Talks-iPad-App7- TED

This is many people’s source of motivation and inspiration. We need this throughout the semester to carry on. In case you’ve never heard of TED talks, these are short powerful talks by remarkable minds that aim to spread ideas covering a variety of different topics.

8- Linkedin


With the severity of competition in the job market, it’s very important that you’re aware of the changes and demands going on. Linkedin is a professional social networking app. It helps you build a professional profile online, discover opportunities, and share your interests and aspirations relating to work.

These apps will do a lot of time saving and will organize the way you use your time in general. (and will save you killer looks if your phone rings)
Just remember to download them in a place with strong wi-fi. *wink*


The Perks of Having an AUC Email

Posted on 23. Sep, 2015 by in Opinion

The Perks of Having an AUC Email


Six Types of Girls You Will Come Across in The Plaza

Posted on 08. Sep, 2014 by in General, Opinion

Six Types of Girls You Will Come Across in The Plaza

1- The Athlete


This is the girl who has her gym bag slung over her shoulder and is always in her sport shoes. Being extremely fit, she’s conscious about her food choices so she’s always munching on an apple, sleeps early and invests all her energy in practice before tournaments or championships.


2- The activistwarrior_princess__pocahontas_by_myworld1-d4yfriw


You’ll find this girl protesting outside the Dean’s office or handing out flyers around campus. She cares about causes more than anything else, whether environmental, political etc… She’s the one who knows deep in her heart that she’s going to change the world somehow. Enjoy her company!


 3- The popular



As the name suggests, this girl knows every single person on campus, and during assembly, she’s surrounded by a huge number of people. Confident, cheerful, funny and talkative, she makes friends in the blink of an eye.





4- The sorority23lo028

This girl is always walking with 2 or 3 of her friends, and is never seen without them in any class or activity.

They register for classes together, enroll in clubs together, eat and hang out together and wear almost the same outfit styles. Basically, they’re a package.




5- The “Fashionista”


We all come across the girl who always looks straight off the runway. She’s extremely well dressed with a model body and wears the latest designer tops, shoes and bags. Also, she never repeats outfits.




0f9f8c1a4d8220fcdd13df43e9edeead6- The wallflower

She walks alone and she is perfectly cool about it. Shy and subtle, she barely initiates conversation and keeps mostly to herself and life. She also usually has a book in her hand, or headphones in her ears or the like…

6 Helpful Skills you will need at AUC

Posted on 01. Sep, 2014 by in General

6 Helpful Skills you will need at AUC

Some skills come at handy as you live the college experience. You will be surprised at how much these will make a difference as you execute them.

1- Prioritising and reprioritising on a regular basis:

This basically means having good time management skills. And by saving valuable time, you prevent crisis as new things keep coming into your schedule. Make time for every activity and make sure no activity clashes with the next. Utilise every minute wisely and purposely.


2- Team work and Leadership skills:

Most of the time you’ll be assigned group projects and essays that will be peer reviewed. And even when you are part of a club, you will be working in teams. This requires you to be cooperative, punctual and responsible. And if you are lucky enough to be leading any sort of group activity, you will need to be democratic, firm and make use of delegation.

3- Communication and interpersonal skills:

????????????????????????????????????????On a social and professional level, and especially at AUC, you will need to be able to carry conversations, ask questions, seek help, and be an attentive listener. It is important to engage in discussions inside and outside of class, and to be in touch with professors for guidance, references in any aspect. This will not only help in college, but after graduation when you apply for job interviews and the like.




4- Computer skills:

They are an absolute must! Starting from typing skills (as you will be sending emails and searching the internet and writing papers on a daily basis). Accurate and swift typing will reduce the time it will take to complete a task, and therefore will save time. Also at least knowing how to use Ms-office software, like word processing, spreadsheet and presentation authoring will make your assignments and projects easier. Moreover knowing how to make use of the AUC databases and the wide variety of books in the library, will enrich any research you’re undertaking.

First time on PC after using typewriter – Most Funny Comedy Video Clips for laughs !!

5- Spacing things out (aka the skill of “not procrastinating”) :

Have an ugly midterm/paper/lab report/research project due in a month? Get started immediately! Don’t leave it to the last minute! This will help divide your workload so you will feel less stressed out and crammed.

6- The staying-healthy-skill:

However ridiculous this may seem, but taking care of your health might be a key to a happier college life. In order to stay on your game, you have to be physically and mentally able to play your game. Sure, you have about 25 hours worth of work to do each day — and that doesn’t count the time required to sleep, eat, and exercise. Yet filling in those 3 little things can really make all the difference in your ability to manage your time well in college. Make use of the gym, eat healthy and sleep adequately, of course making some exceptions sometimes.

There are many more but these 6 cover the main bits. Keep trying to self-develop!