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Monday, 17th December 2018

Editorial Staff’s Note

Posted on 03. Oct, 2014 by in Editorial

Some concerns have recently been addressed to The Insider AUC newspaper regarding a feature published in our latest print edition.

We conducted an online survey that aimed at rating some services at AUC. We published the results along with responses from the survey and direct interviews.

One of the services we addressed was the “FYE program”. The following clarifications are due:

1. The  survey was conducted between August 7th and September 2nd, which is before the last FYE. The survey respondents were all continuing students. This is obvious in the interview mentioned in the article with a “sophomore” student. The sample included 153 students from all study years except this year’s freshmen. Hence, it in no way evaluates this year’s FYE.

2-  The question related to the FYE in the survey was a simple “Yes” or “No” question on whether participants thought it was useful. While “No” gained 53%, “Yes” accordingly gained 47%. Therefore, there was not any chance for the newspaper to interpret the results in an unrepresentative way.

3- The word “infamous” was used to reflect the results of the survey and views expressed through some interviews, not to label the institution or express the newspaper’s view.

We regret not making that clear enough in how the phrases were written in our print. It was an unintended editing mistake that the published article did not have the word between quotations to denote that.

The word without quotations leaves an impression that the newspaper staff has something against the institution. This is far from true. We gladly published a video and a photo album of this year’s FYE, and of ones from previous years. The Insider is a student newspaper that highly regards all student activities, and its vision is to unite and empower students.

4- Finally, if  we could find discrepancies in the results between freshmen students and older AUCians, this would mean that FYE team in recent years has transformed it completely.

This obliges us as a newspaper to work on drawing a complete picture for the FYE by including some freshman views on it, to show any significant improvements compared to earlier years.

5- This highlights the importance of feedback we receive. Therefore, we will appreciate it if you can find some time to fill out this survey about the latest print edition:

Editorial Staff


The Insider Competition: Best tweets about AUC Finals

Posted on 20. May, 2013 by in General

The Insider Competition: Best tweets about AUC Finals

BestTweet2-350We thought: Our fellow AUC’ians could use a big snack pack in their way to a summer trip after the exams! Here is your chance to vent out all about the AUC finals through innovative tweets and win the actual snacks pictured (more than a 200 pound value).

From now and till Sunday 26 May, 2013 we will be archiving all tweets about AUC Finals that have @InsiderAUC mentioned or posts not more than 140 characters posted on the wall of our Facebook page, and we will choose the best ones to print in our next Insider issue. Then we will make an online poll for everyone to choose the best one of those, box up all of the snacks and hand them over to the winner.

What makes a tweet the best?! A good tweet or post for example could be the funniest, most interesting or the most retweeted/liked one, and has to be original.

And these are the snacks!

A line of work

Posted on 26. Nov, 2012 by in News

A line of work

It was surprising to us to find that an original photograph taken by The Insider AUC team had been effectively taken out of its intended context, cropped excluding The Insider logo, then re-used in another article belonging to news outlet ‘Caravan’.

We invite Caravan to clarify their standing on this issue and add that we are more than happy to openly share our material with them in the future, if they would be so kind to ask and naturally attribute said material to its original source.

As journalists we pride ourselves in facilitating trust in the work we do. The Insider as an organization sees that transparency and honesty in the field of information is of paramount importance.

Needless to mention that we at The Insider highly respect and appreciate Caravan’s integral and long standing work at AUC.

Please find  here the link of The Insider’s original photograph posted on our Facebook page on November 9


The Caravan’s reply:

In regards to a query raised by online AUC publication the Insider ( regarding the use of one of their original pictures, The Caravan would like to clarify the following:

The Caravan reporter Ms. Dalia El-Abd was assigned to cover the Taekwondo story. When meeting with the athletes she asked if she could take a picture of them together, but due to scheduling conflicts this was not possible. As a result she asked if they had any pictures of the tournament and such that they could provide. They sent her the featured Insider picture and two others.

After reviewing the emails, we discovered that the original version of the picture did indeed include the Insider logo. However, it was automatically scaled down and cropped before insertion into layout. Had the editors seen the original picture before it was scaled down, they would have surely detected that it had proprietary rights and removed it forthwith.

Caravan staff hold all proprietary and copy rights, ethical and legal considerations in utmost importance. We also maintain an internal code of ethics which we impress upon our student journalists. We adhere to honest and fair reporting, objectivity, independence, and accuracy.

As such, we are not shy about admitting mistakes when they occur, immediately correcting them and taking every measure to ensure they do not recur.

The picture will be removed from our online edition. The Caravan staff would like to thank the Insider for pointing out our fumble.

Marina Barsoum
Editor-in-Chief, The Caravan


The Insider’s statement:

We very much appreciate the professionalism demonstrated by ‘Caravan’ in admitting their ‘fumble’, even if the words ‘sorry about that’ didn’t feature.

We would like to put this issue to bed however, a few of our more technically aware members seemed a little upset by the explanation ‘Caravan’ gave us. According to said members the crop made, could only have been the result of precise and deliberate handy work, illustrated by the proportions of the modified picture and very unlikely to be the result of any kind of ‘automatic crop’, food for thought.

In regards to where we go from here we would very much like to see a more proactive response from ‘Caravan’ and have them officially clarify the source of the picture in question for the benefit of those who acquired the print before ‘Caravan’ noticed their ‘fumble’.

We would like to thank ‘Caravan’ for being as committed as we are in upholding truthful and honest journalism.


From Caravan’s print issue on December 2nd, 2012