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Monday, 17th December 2018

Five reasons why we should appreciate Freshmen

Posted on 17. Sep, 2014 by in Opinion

Five reasons why we should appreciate Freshmen


I know that freshmen could be irritating as hell. First of all, they DO crowd the campus (w el CIB yeshhad). They are always so polite when stopping you to ask for directions; I mean who is THAT polite at 8 am? And they are always so excited in class making the rest of us -normal bitter human beings- look bad. Regardless they are still pretty useful sometimes.


1. They are terrified.

Whether it is their first class, assignment, interview or general meeting, being late is not an option. They do not want to miss a thing and they do not want to mess anything. They make it pretty easy for us to find something to sinker about when they are rushing 10 minutes early to class or having their notebooks out in a LALT lecture. Who takes notes in LALT?


2. They have got spirit.

Being enthusiastic about this new phase in their lives can be an upside for us. They are willing to do whatever you throw at them. They are like babies who will not give up on walking no matter how long it takes. This comes in handy for any organization on campus. Who can complain about people who are willing to beat their selves up while the rest of us are dozing off in the library between classes?



3. Early Birds

We have all been freshmen once, so we have all been screwed over by the advising office at least once. Thanks to freshmen, the 8:30 am classes are usually full leaving the rest of the sections free for us late risers. However if you are a sophomore you are screwed no matter what.

images (1)

4. Overindulging in McDonald’s.

McDonald’s all day every day … You will always find McDonald’s way too crowded in the first couple of weeks of the semester. The food court is their sanctuary and a McDonald’s meal is their saviour. This forces the rest of us to seek healthier alternatives if only for a couple weeks. Can’t hurt to lose the extra pounds.



They still do not know about a lot of perks on campus. For example, how to book a study room, the first bus departing for your route is usually more crowded and arrives at the same time as the second one (only if there is more than one bus for your route); thus, leaving those rooms and feared busses less crowded for the senior citizens of this so-called community.


So I herby take a moment to thank each and every freshman for being a freshman. We do not hate you; it is just a rite of passage to pick on the newbies. Don’t worry; you will get your chance to make fun of the new batch of freshmen next year. So until then, stay strong and remember you do not get to be a freshman twice.


AUC featured in episode a Ramadan series giving an NDP senior member special treatment

Posted on 01. Jul, 2014 by in News

AUC featured in episode a Ramadan series giving an NDP senior member special treatment



النسخة العربية من المقالة  النسخة العربية من المقالة

AUC is not unfamiliar with the spotlight. The American University has been part of many television and film productions before whether just by name or usage as an actual set.

Among those productions are El Gam’a (الجامعة) and Se’eedi Fel Gam’a El Amrikeya (صعيدي في الجامعة الأمريكية) and this year is no different.

Ramadan’s new series Al Moraf’a (المرافعة), starring Bassem Yakhour, has used our university in its first episode. Though it is not filmed on AUC campus, the show rather just uses the brand name and logo.

We can’t help but wonder though, how much did our beloved university charge for a couple of minutes of its name and logo on screen. Any guesses?

The scene, that depicts a graduation ceremony in January 2010, focuses on how an NDP senior member is getting a special treatment and allowed to get through the metal detector though it beeped.

What do you think of the scene? Watch it below and let us know through the comments.


Note: the video has been edited

AUC celebrates its 27th International Day and its first “AUC World Cup”

Posted on 13. Mar, 2014 by in News

AUC celebrates its 27th International Day and its first “AUC World Cup”

965514_863686246979925_1389674512_oSince AUC is all about diversity, it seems only legitimate to hold an International Day, and international it was! The 27th event took place from 1 to 5pm on the 11th of March at the New Cairo campus.

The theme you ask? Well in case you didn’t already know (do you live under a rock?) it was AUC World Cup where the whole thing had the spirit of a football tournament. Obviously ! The presenters were charming of course but you kind of got distracted by the glaring yellow referee outfits they had on. Nice touch!


The day started as usual with the parade which is mostly people showing off their glamorous costumes and props. This year we had the Saudis, Egyptians, Sudanese, Mexicans, Greeks, Koreans, Japanese, Nigerians and the list goes on. Jealous doesn’t even start to cover how the rest of us boringly dressed felt standing next to all of those colourfully dressed folks.

After a brief introduction to the days’ program, countries’ representatives started performing on stage. The “Saudi Zafa” was pretty entertaining and super weird which made it all the more funny.  Following were the Yemenis who displayed some cool fake knives action and traditional dance moves.  The Mexicans then blew us away (literally) by twirling across the stage showing off their big white gowns; how they did not get dizzy and trip is beyond me.

1960016_863711120310771_1290971065_nEgyptians then took the stage wearing their sparkly outfits displaying the naturally acquired dance moves all Egyptian girls learn before they can walk.  Right after that, the Sudanese impressed us by some serious hip work without even breaking a sweat.

1982027_863711186977431_734815980_nKoreans rocked the stage with dance moves that made us view Korea in whole different light! The rain that started pouring didn’t stop the Greeks from showing off some very very confusing footwork. Lucky for them the rain was not heavy so their costumes were spared. Lastly, we were all hooked to the sick Japanese hip-hop performance; it was interesting seeing Japanese twerking! Star group sang a couple of rap songs to entertain the audience between performances. However, the performance that stole the spotlight was that of the one and only AUC folklore!


An AUC event is not complete without raffle tickets, but this one had a PlayStation tournament as well. It is a world cup theme after all!

Generally, a day filled with games from all over the world, delicious food and freebies should not be missed, but if you did, do not feel too bad there is always next year.




The First Ever AUC Community day: Challenges, Talents, and “EAGLE” ‘s Birthday.

Posted on 07. Mar, 2014 by in General

The First Ever AUC Community day: Challenges, Talents, and “EAGLE” ‘s Birthday.

AUC Mascot

“Hey, are you going to the Community Day?” “Fakes, What is that anyway?”.

This dialogue has been going back and forth for the past couple of days among students. Everyone knew there is a community day on the 4th of March, but almost no one knew what to expect. Well, we all finally found out what all the fuss is about.

“The First Ever AUC Community Day”  was buzzing with energy, fun and the spirit of unity among all participants and attendees, from students, faculty, staff and alumni.

It kicked off by an energetic event  “Around AUC” where you get to visit different stops, and to participate in challenges to learn more about the different schools and programs at AUC. It was followed  by “1919 History Challenge” which tests your knowledge of AUC ‘s history, accompanied by a display of old yearbooks and vintage photos.


The fun however really started with the “All AUC talent show” which was judged by former AUCians Omar El Saeed and Tarek El Ebiary. There were various great performances and  Youssef Mandour “Mando” was announced the winner for his sterling rapping performance.

Another major buzz was the revealing of AUC’s first mascot. The excitement was apparent as no one could take their eyes off the stage. The FYE team  finally introduced “The Eagle”, our first AUC mascot which was instantly treated like a celebrity.

Since we are celebrating the birth of a new symbol, a show of appreciation for the old ones had to take place. Ms Shahira El Sawy, Ms Pakinam Askalany and Mr Abd El Maseeh were announced to be the oldest faculty members in AUC.

After a short break from all the cheering and picture snapping, the “Schools Face-Off” took place in the garden behind the library. The teams, which represented the different schools at AUC, included a number of students and employees who competed in races and energetic activities. The winning team in the face-off was the School of Liberal Arts.

1617392_858802584134958_621833125_oThe event was successful in uniting a big part of  AUC community, from students and faculty to staff and alumni, and in spreading fun and joy.

“For the first time in my life in AUC, today I feel the love between everyone present today,” said Mr Abdel Maseeh on stage, “I wish we’d call this the day of love in AUC rather than community day”.

It is AUC’s first ever Community Day. Go Eagles !!