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Wednesday, 21st November 2018

Ongoing negotiations to solve a crisis caused by the University ‘s late payment policy

Posted on 11. Aug, 2014 by in General, News

download (9)Vice President of Student Affairs Khaled Dahawy announced that he cannot take any decisions concerning the issue of the five students who had their summer courses dropped by the administration due to their failure to pay the tuition before the final deadline.

In a meeting with the students this morning, V.P. Dahawy stated that he cannot offer them any solutions and suggested that they email President Lisa Anderson, being the highest authority in the University, a source revealed after the meeting.

The courses were dropped by the administration and the students were withdrawn from their classes for not paying the summer 2014 tuition.

Even though  the students took their final exams and received their grades, they courses cannot appear on the system or in the transcript as they were officially dropped following the University’s late fees policy.

Some students questioned VP Dahawy about a petition which was signed last semester concerning late tuition fees, to which he responded by saying that former provost Amr Sharawy had not accepted any petitions and that it is the right of the University to accept or deny a petition without offering any reasons.

The administration had taken a decision that no late payment petitions will be accepted regardless of the reasons behind it, resulting in many complaints from students who suffered by such decision. As a response the current Student Union had launched a petition to pay late tuition fees on July 10th.

There are still ongoing negotiations with the administration in an attempt from the students to have their courses registered again, and their grades acknowledged in the transcript.