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Monday, 17th December 2018

6 Helpful Skills you will need at AUC

Posted on 01. Sep, 2014 by in General

Some skills come at handy as you live the college experience. You will be surprised at how much these will make a difference as you execute them.

1- Prioritising and reprioritising on a regular basis:

This basically means having good time management skills. And by saving valuable time, you prevent crisis as new things keep coming into your schedule. Make time for every activity and make sure no activity clashes with the next. Utilise every minute wisely and purposely.


2- Team work and Leadership skills:

Most of the time you’ll be assigned group projects and essays that will be peer reviewed. And even when you are part of a club, you will be working in teams. This requires you to be cooperative, punctual and responsible. And if you are lucky enough to be leading any sort of group activity, you will need to be democratic, firm and make use of delegation.

3- Communication and interpersonal skills:

????????????????????????????????????????On a social and professional level, and especially at AUC, you will need to be able to carry conversations, ask questions, seek help, and be an attentive listener. It is important to engage in discussions inside and outside of class, and to be in touch with professors for guidance, references in any aspect. This will not only help in college, but after graduation when you apply for job interviews and the like.




4- Computer skills:

They are an absolute must! Starting from typing skills (as you will be sending emails and searching the internet and writing papers on a daily basis). Accurate and swift typing will reduce the time it will take to complete a task, and therefore will save time. Also at least knowing how to use Ms-office software, like word processing, spreadsheet and presentation authoring will make your assignments and projects easier. Moreover knowing how to make use of the AUC databases and the wide variety of books in the library, will enrich any research you’re undertaking.

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5- Spacing things out (aka the skill of “not procrastinating”) :

Have an ugly midterm/paper/lab report/research project due in a month? Get started immediately! Don’t leave it to the last minute! This will help divide your workload so you will feel less stressed out and crammed.

6- The staying-healthy-skill:

However ridiculous this may seem, but taking care of your health might be a key to a happier college life. In order to stay on your game, you have to be physically and mentally able to play your game. Sure, you have about 25 hours worth of work to do each day — and that doesn’t count the time required to sleep, eat, and exercise. Yet filling in those 3 little things can really make all the difference in your ability to manage your time well in college. Make use of the gym, eat healthy and sleep adequately, of course making some exceptions sometimes.

There are many more but these 6 cover the main bits. Keep trying to self-develop!