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Wednesday, 21st November 2018

AUC student goes on “open hunger strike” !!!

Posted on 13. Sep, 2014 by in News

10622883_987757474572801_7014854322421889684_nIbrahim T. Bebo, a construction engineering junior student at AUC,  announced that he is going on a hunger strike starting today, in solidarity with the Egyptian detainees.

Ibrahim listed  two main objectives of his decision, which are to raise awareness about the cause of the detainees on a hunger strike, and to experience what they are experiencing in prisons.

“I am waiting to see any actual and fair procedures taken at the detainees’ trials. I will try to stay on a hunger strike until they are released,” Ibrahim said to the Insider AUC.

“There are many events that called out for people to support the cause by going on a one-day-hunger strike, but I am starting an open hunger strike and I am doing it independently,” he declared.

Ibrahim referred to the fact that there are many detainees, including activists, clubs’ supporters like the fans of Zamalek football team known as “Ultras White Knights” and many other Egyptians who were “illegally” detained independently for breaking the Egyptian Protest Law.

“I am sure they deserve the support of each and everyone of us, either by starting symbolic hunger strikes or by spreading awareness and telling their stories,” Ibrahim said.


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According to Al Ahram state owned newspaper, the hunger strike campaign which was launched last week in solidarity with the Egyptian detainees has gained momentum, as 123 Egyptians are currently on hunger strike both inside and outside the prisons.

The longer hunger striker so far is Muhamed Sultan who  has been on a hunger strike for 227 days inside Tora Prison, while the second longest hunger striker in detainment is Ibrahim El-Yamany, on hunger strike for 146 days now, stated Al- Ahram newspaper.

The public figures on hunger strike include  the mother and sister of political activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah and Sanaa Seif, who are both on hunger strike in prison.