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Monday, 17th December 2018

Masked men attack 5 AUC students in a car and shoot one dead

Posted on 29. Jul, 2013 by and in News

M-Samir-Ghanima--RIPLast Friday, AUC community has lost the fellow student Mohamed Samir Ghanima who was shot dead, while four other AUCians were injured.

The 5 students Mohamed Ghanima, Paula Shoukry, Kareem Hossam, AbdelRahman Khalil and Tarek Akmal were together to study for a summer session Mechanical Engineering final exam. Three of them were seriously injured but they are recovering and are in stable condition.

Driving off ElHegaz street around 8pm, a jeep car with four masked gunmen suddenly approached theirs and told them to stop. When they refused and attempted to drive away, one masked man started firing gunshots at them.

“Mohamed Samir took a fatal bullet to the head, Paula took a bullet to the chest, Kareem Hossam took a bullet which entered through his left forearm and exited through his left elbow then continued through his left side,” according to AbdelHalim Hamid, who was present at Cleopatra Hospital in Heliopolis where the injured students remain.

Moreover, AbdelRahman Khalil’s arms and head had shrapnel wounds, and Tarek Kamal had minor flesh wounds.

Remembering Ghanima

Mohamed Ghanima, a 20-year old student, was majoring in mechanical engineering, and due to graduate in one year.

We spoke to Mohamed El Gohary, Ghanima’s best friend since his first semester in 2009, who said: “Mohamed’s best quality is that he was the best friend you can ever have”, said El Gohary.

“We could easily say that he was a very devoted person that cared for his family and friends more than he did for himself,” said Ahmed Wahsh, a friend of Ghanima for 15 years.

He described Ghanima as a brother and the best childhood friend, said: “Young Mohamed Samir Ghanima was a mischievous character that was always up to something but camouflaged it with a smile.” He added that as they grew older, Ghanima became more and more kind and loving.

Wahsh told us that he contacted AUC President Lisa Anderson who agreed on planning a memorial for Ghanima amid her return to Egypt on August 26th. Other friends also created a Facebook group under the name of “Sadka Garya for Mohamed Samir Ghanima صدقة جارية للشهيد محمد سمير غنيمة ” to collect donations for ongoing charity.

“His legacy will still live on in all of our hearts and a person like Mohamed is not easily forgotten”, Wahsh concluded.

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