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Wednesday, 21st November 2018

AUC TA Sonbul shot in Rabaa but officially declared to have died naturally

Posted on 18. Aug, 2013 by and in News

Ahmed Sonbol, a biology TA at AUC, was killed on Wednesday, August 14th, during the dispersal of Morsi supporters sit-in at Rabaa El Adaweya.

The 24 year-old MSA pharmacy graduate was an aspiring researcher in the field of Marine Biology, and preparing to do his masters in Turkey in a month.

Hossam El Shafei, who was with Ahmed Sonbol, told us that Ahmed was shot near the traffic unit at Nasr street around 11:20 AM.

Sonbol was taken to the field hospital, but due to his seemingly superficial injury wasn’t paid immediate attention.

“Ahmed was not feeling any pain, and it was not clear where he was shot,” El Shafei said, but when Sonbol’s shirt was lifted, his stomach was bleeding.

“It turned out that a fire shot went through Ahmed’s stomach and that he was suffering from severe internal bleeding. The doctors tried to rescue him using perfusions but it was too late.” He added.

Sonbol is survived by his parents and 5 sisters, who moved in to Egypt with him after the father was detained in UAE for allegedly being part of a cell that seeks to destabilise the country.

Sonbol’s mother and his sisters were always worried about him, however, “they were surprisingly calm after his martyrdom,” according to El Shafei.

Many hospitals refused to issue the death certificate, until the prosecutor in charge gave them the choice to either call it a natural death; or, if they insist to prove he was shot, they will be directed to Nasr City prosecution.

El Shafei told us that in addition to the non-preferred delay, they were expecting that Nasr City prosecution would declare it as a suicide or an accident, so the family proceeded with it as a natural death.

Sonbul was buried in Masr El-Seweis cemetery the next day. The family however photographed Sonbol’s injuries to be used later.


Remembering Ahmed Sonbol

Ahmed Sonbol had been a member of the Muslim brotherhood for a long time as well as his father, Doctor Ali Sonbol, who was arrested in UAE among 11 members of the Muslim brotherhood last January on allegations of “helping to train local Islamists in subversion tactics”.

Ahmed had told Reuters that his father is a medical doctor who had no political activity, and that he was arrested without charges.

Kareem Khaled, a RA at AUC, and a friend of Sonbol, describes that both the father and the son were not political activists and that they were part of the Brotherhood for its “educational and religious aspects”, adding that he collected donations regularly for the Syrian and Palestinian victims, memorised the Quran, and used to teach it to the children.

Sonbol was participating frequently in Rabaa sit-in, but was not available very often, as he was preparing for his masters in Turkey, according to Khaled. “Ever since the coup, Ahmed used to go to Rabaa from time to time, as it was a meeting place with his friends,” he added.

“Sonbol cared a lot about his mother, his five sisters, and his friends,” Kareem Khaled concluded.

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