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Monday, 17th December 2018

AUC SU demands University to clarify the “vague” relationship, with regime and US and Israeli embassies

Posted on 05. Aug, 2012 by in News

النسخة العربية من المقالة  النسخة العربية من المقالة

After some newspapers quoted a report of an Israeli girl who closely monitored details of political and social life in Egypt over 12 months while studying Arabic literature at AUC, the Student Union of the American University in Cairo (AUC) demanded their University to clarify what is seen by them as a ‘vague’ relationship, with the regime and the American and Israeli embassies.

On top of that, they have put into question the security checks applied by the university when admitting new students.

Noga Malkin, aged 27, in an interview to the Israeli Haaretz tells of how she made friends thanks to her fluent Cairene dialect, she speaks of conversing with people from all spectrums of the social pool like taxi drivers and ordinary people. But also stated that she thought it necessary to hide her Israeli identity and posed as an American student, an action she did not take during her first visit to Egypt back in 2007.

She justifies it saying she was afraid, since one advantage of the police state in the Mubarak era was how police force did not want to get involved at an international level, compared to now with the political strife.

The post made by AUC Student Union on Facebook said: “The Student body which has stood at the front lines and [the students] who risked their lives during the revolution need an immediate clarification..” adding, “No racism or politicisation of a civil entity like the university is meant, however, it would be out of excessive naivety to accept them (Israeli students) without suspicion of espionage.” It concluded by saying: “This cannot and will not just pass by.”

In her interview, Malkin addressed topics regarding Egyptian society with incredible detail, tackling questions regarding homosexuality, a city renowned as ‘the city of garbage’ and other such things. She also drew comparisons between her recent stay and the one she had back in 2007 when she came to Cairo as part of a student exchange program between universities of Israel and AUC.

The report translated to Arabic by the London based news website “Elaph” carried the headline “An Israeli monitored the Egyptians for 12 months from the ‘window’ of the American University,” and comes in about 2,500 words. It covers most of what came through the original interview, in contrast to the one that the renown Egyptian Shorouk newspaper quoted from Elaph in less than 400 words and was entitled “An Israeli spy monitored the situation in Egypt for 12 months without being recognised by anyone.”

On February 9th, ‘SCAF page admin’ had accused AUC of conspiracy, claiming that AUC was under the influence of external parties, who’s interests lay in the breaking up of Egypt society and undermining its politics.

Do you think there should be security checks performed on foreign students of certain nationalities before enrolment in Egyptian universities? Do you think the above story is considered espionage? Let us know through the comments.