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Wednesday, 21st November 2018

An online dating platform for AUCians… AGAIN

Posted on 08. Aug, 2014 by in News


A new facebook page entitled “Project DateMe – AUC” was created on August 5th to serve as a “dating platform” for AUCians.

Those interested in trying the project are asked to fill a form to “market for themselves”, “who they are”, and “what they are looking for,” states the description of the page.

The information required in the form include Birthday, gender, whether the person is looking for a long term relationship. a short term relationship, something platonic or casual, sexual orientation, and some choices to choose from to describe who the person is and whom he is looking for including “dorms sleephead, balconies jumper, steps person/wannabe, PVA, car owner, Huss head, …”

Similar pages have been recently created and  led to a great controversy in AUC society. These can include the famous “AUC crushes” which reached more than 20,000 fans in no time, AUC blind dating, and AUC confessions which has frequently referred to the same topic .

The culture of online dating is very stigmatised in Egypt, and is associated with ‘Khaliji’ forums. So this might be a beginning of something new,” said the admin of AUC crushes in a previous interview with The Insider AUC.

“A lot of us are not into games. Either by the society or by the people who we date. Here we fight both. We stand against the stigma of dating especially the online one. Complexity of human interaction?! It’s your call, yet we will help you through our daily tips,” states the description of the project Dateme-AUC.

Some might  believe that these ideas contradict with the Egyptian culture and traditions, some could say that it is just for fun, or that is all about freedom of expression, what do you think?