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Monday, 17th December 2018

The Perks of Being an Egyptian Girl!

Posted on 29. Dec, 2014 by in Opinion

perks of being an egyptian girl

   Exploring the world is on everyone’s wish list. However, the situation for Egyptian girls is quite different. Sometimes, Egyptian girls cannot even freely discover their own country. They might be banned from many simple things such as outings and travelling even if it is within the borders of Egypt. This is because of overprotective parents who might end up treating their 19 year old children as if they are still nine. The situation has even intensified because of the unsafe conditions that followed the Egyptian revolution.

  When asking many girls about what transportation they use, they answer “we just take cabs behind our parents’ backs”. Yes, parents might not approve the outing if the transportation used does not fit certain standards; “You can’t use taxis, it has to be someone trusted who picks you up.” And if there is no one who can do that? The outing is cancelled for you. Moreover, the parents usually cannot afford to get the girl her own car, which makes these transportation limits absurd. Of course we cannot forget about the familiar curfew!

  Parents think that they are protecting their girls when actually they are depriving them from learning how to become independent and how to carry their own responsibility. Let’s make it clear that I am not talking about children; I am talking about girls who are in college including me.

   If girls are not allowed to go out with their friends, travel when they are young, learn to go to places on their own at this age, then when are they supposed to learn how to do so? Becoming independent is eventually going to happen, so why prevent it now? And if it doesn’t happen, then we will end up with 30 year old babies who cannot do anything for themselves.

  If we try to discuss the causes of this imprisonment, the main and only cause that the parents usually have is “the unsafe conditions after the revolution … do you want to get kidnapped?” But let’s see the real odds of that happening. It is true that Egypt has become quite unsafe after the revolution and that the rate of crime has significantly increased; however, this does not mean that life as we know it is over. People still go to their jobs, boys still go out until late at night and they all return mostly unharmed. It is not like we hear our parents, when they come back every day from work, telling us about the mission impossible they faced, or how many bullets they survived from. 

  We cannot deny that Egypt has become relatively unsafe after the revolution. However, this does not mean that the solution is to put unbearable limits on every girl’ move. The solution is to let everyone be free to handle their own responsibility.

   I am sure that if allowed to move freely, going to unsafe slums will not be the first thing that the girls think of!