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Monday, 17th December 2018

17 Moments Potterheads Will Relate To

Posted on 08. Mar, 2015 by in Opinion


1- Walking across campus rocking a Hogwarts Crest T-Shirt









You know, and those silent nods of approval you get from fellow Potterheads.


2- Holding the books in the library








You’ve read the books a gazillion times but you still feel the need to hold the ones in the library for a little while, and maybe sniff them a bit.


3- Befriending people just because they’re Potterheads .. No questions asked












It usually goes like this: awkward smile, Harry Potter reference, omg flipping joy, omg you got the reference, another Harry Potter reference, friendship.


4- Being seriously jealous of someone’s phone case










5- And Deathly Hallows Necklace









6- Murmuring spells under your breath









I mean Lumos, Alohomora, Accio, Obliviate, and if you’re around an angry Potterhead you might hear the occasional Petrificus Totalus.


7- Not finding Butterbeer on the menu

blog-zap2it (1)










Hello Cilantro? Coffee, Mocha frappé, Butterbeer what’s so hard about that?


8- Seeing someone with a Harry potter ink







9- You can never lend people your class notes to photocopy.

funny-textbook-doodles-5 (1)









Just go through our notebooks, I bet you’ll find the deathly hallows symbol, quotes and lightening bolts all over the place. We even scrawl over the text, so good luck photocopying that.


10- HP references in class










“What an idiot” is always on the top of your list of snarky comments.


11- And witty comebacks

images (1)






12- Always using Hermione to prove your point.

images (2)





Do I need to say more?


13- Blabbering about Pottermore

images (3)





Where were you sorted? What’s your wand core? How long? Did you brew that potion? Did you solve the riddles?

14- And serious discussions

images (4)








15- Also the dirty side looks you get







Yes I’m a college student who’s obsessed with HP and always will be, problem buddy?


16- People getting confused when we tell them they should never tickle a sleeping dragon.

images (5)






Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, obviously.


17- It’s real for us